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Add these upgrades to your appointment while booking. Make sure you check the box to receive the add-on at your next experience.

Scalp Exfoilation/Detox

Scalp Exfoliationis like a facial for your scalp, it removes dead skin and build up that accumulates and clogs pores. Removing this build up allows your hair to grow with ease.

Scalp Detoxing helps to draw out toxin  and balance the scalp. if you have dry, itchy and/or flaky scalp you should be booking one of these treatments.

After protective styles and we tend forget about our scalps. I’m here to remind you, you should add scalp services on to your session quarterly or as needed.

Full Olaplex Bond Building Treatment

this treatment is perfect if you have Breakage or Want to Prevent damage.

this 2 part Bond Builder Treatment Helps repair damaged hair, prevent further damage, and seals the bonds.

we use the  exclusive professional strength olaplex to prevent& repair split ends, breakage, heat damage, pollution, environmental damage, frizz, dull hair.

Olaplex Fall Moisture Mask

the Olaplex Fall Moisture Mask- Is the upgraded version of your customized treatment. Summer activities can wreak havoc on our hair due to extended sun exposure, chlorine, vacations, braids etc etc.


As a preventive and reactive measure we are offering this upgrade for and additional $20. This upgrade includes the professional strength 4 n 1 treatment with elevated levels of ceramides, oils and amino acids for a luxurious moisture treatment. We combine the this treatment  with a Fall blend of cinnamon and clove essential oils blend to help stimulate growth.


If you suffer from dry hair make sure to add this on to your next experience. 

Get Me Shiny Glam Gloss Treatment

The Get Me Shiny Glam Gloss Treatment forms a protective clear gloss like a topcoat around each strand. 

We all want that healthy shiny hair but sometimes we need a little help. If your hair doesn’t give you that natural shine, we can help you achieve that brilliance via glam gloss treatment.

Add this on to your next silk press or twist out for the shine you need.

Let's Get You Right

Make sure you upgrade your experience by adding these services at your next appointment your hair will thank you.

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